I recently for the first time participated in a photowalk in East Boston organized on Google+. It was a lot of fun and a bit of a new experience seeing as I had never met any of the other attendees before, and when it comes to photographers generally we don’t travel in large packs unless it involves sports or political shenanigans of some sort(in which case we usually exhibit the mentality of a ravenous mob over that of a pack). It was refreshing to say the least, the people I met were fun and easy going, and the group wasn’t a bunch of die hard professional SLR user’s either. There was a definite variety in skill levels, camera makes & models, but overall everyone was there just to have fun and take some great pictures. I would highly encourage anyone who is interested in photography, whether you’re a hobbyist and shoot primarily with your Smartphone and/or Point & Shoot to Professionals sporting Full-Frame DSLR’s. The way they generally work is the group decides on a meeting place near a point or area of interest and either you plot out a route or just wander and explore the area as a group. Afterwards you go catch something to eat somewhere nearby and show off all the great images that you captured. Events like these are great ways to just get out, find places that you never knew existed before and most of all take some awesome pictures and make some great new friends. No matter your experience level, be it just starting out or having years under the belt, these are fun for everyone. I know I’m certainly looking forward to the next one.

For more info about Photowalks in the Boston area check out the Boston Photowalk Google+ page. For New England in general, and check out Scott Kelby’s Fifth Annual Worldwide Photowalk happening on October 13th. Google+ is a great resource for finding more and organizing events like these no matter where you live.

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